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Infobox Nation {{{flag}}} Region: {{{liberalia}}} Motto: {{{helping you for a price}}} Map: {{{none yet}}} Language|Official Language(s): {{{haelhanish, mackine and ralist}}} Capital: {{{sarium}}} Population: {{{1.59 billion}}} Currency: {{{liber}}} Leader: {{{ Johannes arbon }}}

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The real nation of haelhan was conquered by western mackinton in 1110 ad not much is known before that as most papers were burned, but some papers were saved by haelhanish nationilists. A puppet king harold mackin the youngest son of the kinbg of western mackinton became the king. There were many revolts in the next 300 hundred years untill the great war. Haelhan then suffered an economic crisis in 1700 which haelhan is still suffering from. Haelhan was then mainly peacful untill the king/pm johannes arbon started to invade anarchist countries such as cheesyweesy but failed.

The player. Haelhan was created by western mackinton to become the health minster for wwseti after seeing an ad by carops on the jolt forum. When haelhan arrived in wwseti turbulent times were happening and haelhan joined the revolution and was the fourth christmas revolutionary. Haelhan defended liberalia from wwseti even though he was banned from the forum. Haelhan has had many different jobs and memberships of parties such as.

Minster for reigonal identidy. propaganda, health, culture, foreign affairs and secretarist of information and intelligence. Also a temporary guardian.

A member of the cwp, mrlp. cr party, liberal, libertarian and centerist.

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